FLEX FM | It's a London Thing Returns to Kingston
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FLEX FM | It's a London Thing Returns to Kingston

Sunday 26th May
22:00 - 03:00


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Event Details

Flex, IALT and Curiosity join forces to bring the award winning #IALT back to its birthplace and spiritual home, Kingston!

Full line-up announced, including DJ Luck & MC Neat, Scott Garcia B2B Sticky, Artful Dodger, Danny Rankin (aka DJ Decoy from Kurupt FM).

Hosted by MC Creed, MC DT and RTZ.

3 Amigos | Rick Live | Sollie | Rasta Fou | Riddim Division | Andy Mills | CL-1

3 arenas of music
1 unforgettable homecoming party!


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Tickets available from: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1235763