Circus Bingo

Circus Bingo

Thursday 18th October
21:00 - 03:00

Event Details

Eyes down, look in, it’s time we introduced to you a night like no other... Circus Bingo!

It’s hard for us to explain to you what Circus Bingo looks like, but if you really want to imagine what it might feel like, try turning your bedroom lights on and off really quickly whilst listening to loud music, or, maybe try doing a crossword puzzle on a roller coaster.

Imagine a bikini wearing gorilla called Nigella, a ludicrous music policy, numerous buckets of booze that you can shake your dabber at and prizes beyond your wildest dreams all put together to create the most unforgettable game of Bingo ever.
Think controversial shenanigans, stage games and lip syncing to Disney songs, but real Bingo, real prizes and an unparalleled atmosphere.
So, come and practice your intense bingo dabbing skills with us, but just be careful of Doris and her friends protesting outside, as I’m not sure they like the new way that we do bingo...

Don't forget once the dabbing is done, the party really starts!

Drink Offers:
Selected drinks from just £1.50!

Admission Information:
£6.00 entry