Quids In | S Club Live
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Quids In | S Club Live

Monday 16th September
23:00 - 03:00


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Event Details

Quids In student Mondays, featuring a live performance from S Club! "Don't Stop Moving" as they perform LIVE on stage, and make sure you "Reach for the Stars" as they "Bring it all Back" for a huge S Club party!

It's all about £1.00 entry and £1.00 VKs before midnight plus great themes and giveaways every week! The ultimate student night!

PRYZM: Student anthems where you can put an arm around your mate and jump around all night!
Vinyl: Ultimate cheese... actual full on cheese all night. High School Musical vs Disney vs Frozen. Let it go, let it go!

Drink Offers:
Selected drinks from just £1.00, all night!

Admission Information:
£1.00 pre book entry before 11:00pm
£4.00 pre book entry after 11:00pm