Playground | Monster Ball

Playground | Monster Ball

Saturday 26th October
22:00 - 06:00


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Event Details

You are formally invited to the Monster Ball! The biggest night of the year so far, roll up, roll up for a night of the unimaginable and the unexpected.

We are dead excited to bring you the highly anticipated ScareMaze, and we'll be going from dusk till dawn with a special surprise when the clock strikes midnight. Expect an earlier opening time and we promise to keep the party going until 6am in our Steinbeck & Shaw Bar... if you can hack it!

#CreepItReal with one of our Malibu Halloween cocktail specials, on a sale at the bar throughout the Halloween festivities.

Make sure to explore the entire mansion, there’s something for everyone with 3 stages playing different genres of music.

Ball Room (PRYZM): House, tech, bass
The Attic (Curve): Hip-hop
Mausoleum (Vinyl): Disco

Ghosts, vampires, zombies, and all other nightmarish creatures who fancy experiencing the life of a VIP ghoul should get in touch with our sales office NOW!

This event WILL sell out. Don’t miss your chance.

Call: 01923 239848

Drinks Offers:
50% off all drinks before 11:00pm!

Admission Information:
£5.00 entry before 11:30pm
£6.00 entry before 12:00am
£8.00 standard entry

On the door:
Free entry before 11:00pm
£7.00 entry before 12:00am
£8.00 entry before 1:00am
£10.00 thereafter

Dress Code:
Dress to impress and ready to party, please avoid sportswear, work boots and brightly coloured footwear. If you have any questions regarding our dress code and admission policies you can call us on: 01923 239 848